Qualified supervision and auditing of operation of self-regulation systems (GHP and HACCP) and food safety standards

The successful operation of the GHP and HACCP self-regulation systems requires a competent specialist. However, qualified employees don’t always work within a company and qualified specialists who already work in a company often have other responsibilities, meaning appropriate self-regulation duties are limited by time. Therefore, a company might put an unsafe product in the market, which could endanger the company’s reputation and cause trouble with the controlling authorities.

Services provided:

  • We perform food safety manager services, supervising the self-regulation system and ensuring its appropriate operation. We provide a qualified service and save company funds for the maintenance of a specialist.
  • We arrive at your company according to schedule and prepare and adjust all appropriate self-regulation documentation including the preparation of orders, documents, self-regulation journals, instructions, cleaning, washing disinfection plans, procedures, laboratory test plans, staff training planning etc.
  • We carry out planned and unplanned company self-regulation system audits.
  • We represent the company during inspections of SFVS specialists and other outside auditors.
  • We perform pre-planned staff training on the subjects of food safety, hygiene, allergen control and labelling.
  • AWe perform compulsory health training for employees whose activities are related to food processing, recycling, transportation, storage, catering or corporate catering and trade (with the exception of distance selling and pharmacies)
  • We consult on new legislation requirements.

Client benefits:

Effective self-regulation system. Competitive advantage. Satisfaction of consumer expectations.