Notification of food supplements

A food business entity that legally supplies food supplements must have Approval Certificate of Food Business Operator or registration. All food supplements that are being sold must be notified.

Food business operators must notify the SFVS of food supplements manufactured in Lithuania as well as food supplements introduced in Lithuania for the first time from the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland by mail, electronic means or by direct approach.

Services provided:

  • We consult and provide information on legislation requirements in the EU and Lithuania governing labelling, safety and the notification of food supplements
  • We prepare all the necessary documentation for the notification of food supplements
  • Perform the labelling assessment
  • Prepare the label
  • Carry out the conformity assessment of nutrition and health claims
  • Fill out the notifications about the placement of food supplements in the market, submit to the SFVS, represent etc

Client benefits:

Quality. Excellence. Speed.