Consultations regarding the preparation of documentation for obtaining the Approval Certificate of Food Business Operator and Veterinary Approval.

I. Who must have the Approval Certificate of Food Business Operator:

– production companies (including food supplement companies, primary product production companies, trade companies that perform production, operators that collect and introduce tea and/or spices etc in small quantities the market)

– trade companies (wholesale and retail companies including supermarkets that perform food pre-packing, storage, pharmacies, market stands, street traders etc)

– public catering companies (including Ministry of National Defence and National Defence system institutions, Ministry of the Interior and statutory institutions of interior affairs, the Prison Department under the Ministry of Justice and food business operators situated on their territory)

– natural persons involved in the food business under business licence or a self-employment certificate of a permanent resident of the Republic of Lithuania, or natural persons who are registered with the State Tax Inspectorate

– operators involved in the seasonal food business etc

In order to obtain an Approval Certificate of Food Business Operator, it’s necessary to submit to the SFVS subdivision the following:

  1. An application regarding the issue of the Approval Certificate of Food Business Operator
  2. A project plan of the food business premises and the layout of equipment
  3. A food business process description (eg. trade of non pre-packed products, delivery of prepared meals etc), planned production volume and number of employees.
  4. Documentation governing the self-regulation system based on HACCP principles
  5. A pharmacy licence copy

II. Veterinary approval is mandatory for all animal food business operators and for natural and/or legal persons who wish to engage in activities related to animal foodstuff production and storage:

– for animal slaughter
– for the handling of wild game meat and farm animal meat
– for meat cutting, for the production of minced meat, mechanically separated meat, meat preparations and meat products
– for the production of milk, fish, eggs and blood products
– for the packing of eggs
– for the production of collagen, gelatine, rendered animal fat and cracklings
– for the preparation of frogs’ legs and snail meat
– for the cleaning and preparation of stomachs, intestines and live bivalve molluscs
– for the cold storage of animal foodstuffs
In order to obtain veterinary approval, operators must comply with the requirements of regulation (EC) No 852/2004 and (EB) No 853/2004 and submit to the SFVS subdivision the following:

  1. A free form application signed by the manager of the operator (his/her authorised person) for veterinary approval for the relevant activity.
  2. A technical project with technological solutions
  3. A description of the production process indicating project capacity, the number of planned slaughters in the slaughterhouses per hour, the number of employees and their shifts

During the SFVS subdivision inspection, the following must be provided:

  1. A plan and description of the water supply (with water usage points specified) and the waste water (sewage) disposal system
  2. A handling description of animal by-products
  3. A description of procedures based on HACCP principles
  4. A description of good hygiene practice

Services provided:

  • We prepare all the necessary documentation the Approval Certificate of Food Business Operator
  • We prepare all the necessary documentation for the veterinary approval for the animal food business operator
  • We represent the company during the SFVS visit for the approval of the food business operator

Client benefits:

Quality. Punctuality. Confidence.